Sunday, July 15, 2012

While we wait to see what the bacteria do...


Just kidding, I'm not worried about these bacteria. These are good ones. Jamie Lee Curtis is gonna have nothin' on me.

"Yogurt is a culture." That's what my high school boyfriend (not E) told me when I'd go visit him at his yogurt shop job between my dance classes. Of course he was repeating what he'd been hearing from our friend's dad, the owner, who was ever-happy to school my bf in the ways of acidophilus. And though I was more interested that one particular employee than the millions of bacteria growing in the machine, the phrase stuck. I repeat it to myself every time I buy yogurt: Yogurt is a culture.

Yesterday I brought home a bad thing of Vanilla Chobani and subsequently had a tantrum about wasting $6.99 on spoiled yogurt. I decided it was time to give homemade a try. I followed this recipe and used whole milk and a (new) container of plain yogurt from the store as a starter. It was incredibly easy. My little culture thrived. Party, party, party.

It's incredibly tasty, too. Of course I might be imagining this, but it tastes very fresh. I'm always trying to buy the yogurt with the fewest ingredients (a la Michael Pollan's instruction never to buy a food with a health claim on it because they had to add something bad to make up for what they took out), and this feels like a good way to keep it simple (and organic). Right now I'm enjoying my creation with a little pumpkin spice seasoning and honey. I topped it with some of yesterday's homemade granola. Yummy.

Add this to the list of things that make me feel like a badass mom: cutting up a whole chicken, baking bread from scratch, creating a meal when there's nothing in the fridge, making yogurt. BOOM.

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  1. Oh no! So bummed about your bad container of Vanilla CHO. Shoot an email to care[at]chobani dot com and let us replace that cup for you.