Wednesday, July 25, 2012

San Francisco Sunburn

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I didn't expect a sunburn from our little trip to San Francisco yesterday, but I have just a tinge of pink this morning. The weather was beautiful. K and I took our second annual trip to the ocean... a chance to stand on the edge of the continent for a few hours before school starts (for me, anyway) and life returns to normal for us all. Or if not normal, then maybe life returns to hectic.

I can't imagine how it has been a year since our last trip. We were both talking about what has happened since then, and what a nice marker it is of the year passing. When I think of that time in terms of the new experiences I've had this year, it's kind of amazing. I'm so pleased with how much I've had to grow as a result of my MFA program. (And I'm not just talking writer-wise, but also about how I've finally gotten to have somewhat of a college social experience and how I've had to learn to trust myself more.) The goal is to try some new things this year, too, so by next year there's the same sense of accomplishment.

Instead of Stinson, this time we crossed over the Golden Gate bridge and headed to Ocean Beach. It was a great place to sit and people (and dog!) watch and to watch the cargo ships coming in and out of the bay. We had a nice lunch in the Marina district at my favorite Barney's and after our beach stint, a cappucchino in Tiburon. I feel ten kinds of awesome for driving around all day and remaining panic-free. I don't care if it took a GPS system in my car to help me do that.

I feel lucky to live in California where the ocean is such a short drive away, and lucky to have a good friend who likes to go see it with me. I'm saving up all the awesome of yesterday to get me through the start of the school year.

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