Monday, July 30, 2012

Doing Stupid Things, Garden Edition.

Twice this past week I've tried to ruin my vegetable garden, but it appears to be fighting back.

The other night I turned the hose on to soak it as I was cooking dinner. I was sure I'd remember to run back outside as soon as I was done making the salad.

Oops. Didn't realize until about 9:00 the next morning that I was flooding not just the garden, but the neighbors' yard and our yard. And we're on metered water now. Can't wait to see that bill.

The second one I'm not even sure how I did... but I know it was me.

I went out this morning to check my daily haul (as I always do) and I let the dog out into the backyard when I walked out. After figuring out how to balance 13 cherry tomatoes, a giant cucumber, a zucchini, five green beans and two fistfuls of basil in my hands, I closed the gate that keeps my garden separate from the rest of the yard, said something sweet to Hurley Dog, and headed inside. I dumped the veggies on the counter and came back to lock the slider because we were on our way to Costco and the grocery store.

Long story, short, I've been home three times today between stores and dropping the kids off and I wondered where ol' HD was hiding. I figured he found a spot in the shade because it's about 100 degrees outside. Finally I started to get worried a minute ago so I went out and called and called him. He always comes right when I do, so that worried me even more. I headed over to the side yard to see if he had somehow gotten out to the front or if someone had gotten in our yard... and there he was, locked in the side yard with the garden, laying in the spot formerly held by my green beans and strawberry plants, looking guilty.

I guess it wouldn't be summer unless Hurley destroyed some portion of my hard work in the garden. And again, I'm sure I'm the one who didn't latch the gate right. I have nobody to blame.


No, Mom, I don't know who got into your garden and ate all those strawberry plants. No idea.
No, Mom, I don't know who got into your garden and ate all those strawberry plants. No idea.


  1. Where was your red "bucket" to gather your veggies!!!????
    Poor HD ... he just can't win!

    1. In the house, right where I keep it in case I need it. LOL. Poor planning!

  2. PDawg + animals + gates = hilarity ensues, 15 years ago or today. Maybe not for you, but for the rest of us. :)