Tuesday, June 05, 2012


On your plate. #photoadayjune #hummus


I love hummus
but not your wrinkly cucumbers,
pusillanimous and virile.

Carrots, at least
show stodgy conviction.
Pita chips are too hard.

Hummus is ballet
cast-parties, being
grown enough for beer
and bean paste,
bills. Bitter
coffee warming the soul as
it rises with steamy responsibility.

Hummus has to come at me cold.

Let’s not go too far,
say it tastes like cheese.

Years help me discern
the biting garlic,
lemon, cutting
olive, tart yellow
swimming under beige.

Like sky by Wayne Thiebaud:
orange beneath the blue.

Who can understand
tahini before marriage?

Hummus is too complex
for the fellowship
hall. They don’t want
to challenge mayo.

Own it.
It changes you, too.

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