Sunday, June 17, 2012


The 7th Annual Kynaston Family Rib Cookoff happened again today.

Short version: we didn't win this time. Whaa-waaahhhh.

Long version: It was fun anyway. When is being with my extended family not fun? Half the excitement is the trash-talkin' on Facebook the day of the contest while we all prepare our spice rubs and special sauces. E and I made a modified version of our winning recipe, mustard-crusted spareribs. As per usual, I was the spice maven and E was the CEO of smoking. We served our ribs with a special honey-mustard dipping sauce (only I forgot to get an actual picture of them once they were done and they disappeared too fast!) -- this year we made Hank's Hickory Hogbones with Roo's Hogwash sauce.  Five out of five entries were AMAZING this year, and even though we agreed to go "light" on sides, Gram Lila and Auntie Anne made some delicious (and healthy) salads. We sipped pineapple mojitos. Lis topped it all off with Ho-Ho cake. We had the big vote and then we viewed Aunt Anne's pictures from her recent African safari. What's not to like?


Oh yeah. The winner this year, and the recipient of the coveted trophy...


was Uncle Dave.

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