Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fingers crossed.

Home! Phew!

We didn't get in as much four-of-us time at Disneyland as I hoped (since E and I alternated time all day yesterday in the hotel room with our sick little man and time in the parks with Miss Roo). But the time we did spend together before Barfgate 2012 hit was pretty darn good. I have said it a million times already, but there is nothing (nothing!) like seeing Disneyland through your kids' eyes. Nothing. Henry was stuck in a loop of "this is awesome"s. Ad was reserved in her enthusiasm for the most part. She is just at the age where things are starting to embarrass her, and I can tell pretty soon that our trips are going to be a little bit different. I want to soak up as much of this kid thing as I can before she decides she's too cool for school.

I left Anaheim feeling a little bit down about Henry not being able to see and do everything he wanted to, but the overriding feeling in the room last night was that we needed to get home quickly. E and I still aren't sure if we're going to catch whatever he had (fingers crossed that we don't), and the last place we wanted to be stuck was in a hotel room 350 miles from home. I am every kind of exhausted you can imagine. My brain was weary after leaving residency, now my legs and feet are just as tired.

The drive home was good. Henry is still really sleepy, but not getting sick every half hour like yesterday. He's been laying on his floor building Legos and drinking Gatorade since we got back. I take both as good signs.

I feel like I have so much to process from my week in the desert. Hopefully this week has lots of quiet time.

IMG_9054Special thanks to Debbie Williamson for our special meeting with her "friend" Minnie Mouse! So nice to see her today. :) I'm so proud.Henry's first roller coaster ride. Ever. (He just kept saying "This is awesome. This is awesome. This. Is. Awesome.") Addie's first time on California Screamin'. Big day.IMG_2726IMG_9066IMG_9076IMG_9081IMG_9092IMG_9094IMG_9098IMG_9099

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