Friday, June 01, 2012

Day 1: Movin' on Up

Morning. #photoadayjune

Goodbye, old room. Goodbye, old view.

I'm gonna make this a quick one. It's about three hours past my bedtime and I just packed and unpacked my whole room again. And you know how much stuff I bring, so it took a while. I had been trying to decide if my rattling air conditioner was too loud. It was, so I asked to move. So now I'm in (as my sister, Lis, would say) a whole 'nother room, and it looks exactly like the one I had before, only now I have a better view. And two beds.

(I'll take a pic of the view tomorrow.)


I was up too early this morning, so I busied myself in the hotel gym and walked around until I felt like I might know where to go for class. I picked up Chipotle for lunch and ate it on my balcony. Then I hit the pool. For self-confidence, there's nothing like donning a bathing suit to sit around in full view of your classmates and professors as they arrive at the hotel.


Actually, though I feared I would run into people from school, I didn't. I think by noon the blistering sun was too much for anyone with half a brain. But for those of us working off of about 3/8 or so, the pool felt good. Here's what I like about the "adult" pool at the hotel so far: awesome people watching. Yesterday it was a sweet hipster couple with an abundance of body hair. Today it was a Real Housewives-worthy group of surgically modified moms discussing the problems with other people's parenting skills. Win.

But today wasn't all pool and people-watch. I spent the afternoon catching up with friends. The welcome reception was full of familiar faces. I realized I know way more people than I thought I did. All day it feels incredibly strange to be talking face to face with people I normally talk to online, especially those I forged friendships with after I left in December. After the room-switching shenanigans, I joined a group on the patio for a late night dinner. Already, it feels more comfortable here.

And now it's late, and I still have to print off the two stories for tomorrow's workshop. I'm excited for actual classes to begin, but still kind of anxious in that way that I hate waiting for things to start. I have a feeling once the ball gets rolling a bit it's going to feel better.

More tomorrow.

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