Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What I'm doing while I wait to go to nerd camp:

Today felt like the first day of summer. I was off all week last week, but I was so busy with party planning, finishing my short story, finishing books, writing critical papers, finishing poems, and driving around party furniture that I didn't really ever sit down. Today I didn't have anywhere to be, but I also didn't have any deadlines hanging over my head, so I could actually be productive at home. I'm leaving Thursday for residency in Palm Springs again (how did six months already pass?) so I have some work to do. That was the plan, anyway.

Well first, what I am not doing:

Packing--yet. Thought I was going to get a jump on that today. Turns out, washing all of my family's dirty clothes from the last three weeks is going to take me a little bit longer than "this morning."

But what else am I not doing? Worrying, like I was in December.

This is a whole different thing, this heading down to Nerd Camp now that I know what to expect. More than anything, I'm excited about what I have ahead of me. I know it's going to be a week and a half of spending time with folks who "get" what this writing thing is. It's going to be a week and a half of great lectures. It's going to be a week and a half of being tired, but tired in a good way.

I even feel better about the drive. I know where I am going and I know which parts (I'm looking at you, Southern California) promise to be congested and stressful. Just knowing means I'm not as worried about taking off. I have a sense of how tired I'll be and this time I've planned a little bit of rest at the beginning of the trip so I won't have to jump right in to Crazytown after 9-ish hours in the car.

Back to what I am doing:


Trying to walk Hurley. He's being kind of a punk, and the walking seems to help. Although, last night I took a different route (one I used to run when I was a beginning little baby runner) and it goes by a busy road. He acted like every car on the road was going to hop the curb and smush us. So that was fun. My dog has all the courage of a small mouse.


Cleaning out my fridge.  This is after. No before pictures, because I don't want to violate your sense of propriety. It was grody--the kind where things leak from top shelves down to bottom shelves and then get sticky and all of the sudden you've got a gross pile of ick stuck to the back of everything? Yeah. I needed to toss expired things, too. I had approximately 400 salad dressings. So I put on Hemingway & Gellhorn (anybody see it? I didn't like it as much as I wanted to) and spent the better part of my morning elbow-deep in bleach.  Mmm, smells like the death of fridge funk.

Napping. Oh yeah. Feels like summer.

Listening to The Book of Jonas by Stephen Dau on audiobook while I drive around in the car. Oh, did I mention that Stephen Dau is speaking at my residency? 'Cause he totes is, along with a buh-zillion other cool folk. The book doesn't fill my Gee, I hope I can find something light to read soon requirement, but it's good. I'm totally wrapped up in the story. And I'll be okay. I'm going to take Gone With The Wind with me to read by the pool.

Eating my weight in ice cream tonight. Belated birthday celebration with Mom and Dad. Heck. Yes.

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