Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little Women at the Ballgame

Henry's back in the game now that his finger has healed. He's gone about a week or so without smashing it into anything, too. We're at the part of the season where the kids pitch (instead of the coaches) so games are... interesting, to say the least.

Miss Roo isn't so much of a fan anymore. Any interest she had at the beginning of the season is waning. The novelty of the snackbar has faded, too. At this point I'm trying to keep her busy with a Kindle and the promise of rolling down the grass hill as many times as she wants in one night. Last night at the game she started reading Little Women. (Score one for me and K and all things literate and girly.)

I am enjoying the season, but I'm finding it much harder to keep up enthusiasm while I wrap up the school year than I thought it woud be. I'm just so tired. Lesson learned.

But we're almost there... it's been a good season and it's coming to a close soon.


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