Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Today started with an omelet. Goat cheese, it had. Sounds better than saying scrambled eggs, doesn't it? And while we're on the subject, I've been in an egg mood. And a salt mood. So those two things actually work well together. So as such, we started our day chopping things and sautĂ©ing them up and adding scrambled eggs and flipping. And enjoying.

Zen, I tell you. That's how you know it's summertime. When you can give two shits about your breakfast and not feel like you have to hurry your way out the door. By the end of the school year my breakfast has usually become something as glamorous as a fist-full of Cheerios as I drive the kids to my mom's, or a palmful of stale pretzels I cram in while I'm taking roll. Summer means I can take the time to ponder my eats before they hit my mouth.

Let me tell you how much I enjoyed just being in my house today, too.  Answer: a lot. I had it all to myself. My house is rad.

The housekeeper came this afternoon, which meant I had to put away my socks before 10:00, but it also meant leaving the house after my morning of awesome. And so I lunched. And then I got the kids. And like that they day was over. And my house was clean. Praise the Lawd.

Only we had two more places to be after all that: Baseball team pizza party (for Hank-o) and then rounding up tables and chairs for K's upcoming retirement party. So I'm tired. But I'm letting myself stay up because I don't have anywhere to be tomorrow and I can.  I feel like I'm getting away with something.

No, I won't plan a lesson for tomorrow.
No, I won't make copies.
No, I won't sign Mrs. P on any paperwork.
No, I won't feign interest in your inane banter.
No, I won't behave.

(I am remembering that moment in Aladdin when Genie says "ask me anything," and Aladdin does, and Genie goes "NO WAY!") <----That.

I'm off for the summer and I'm me, and I checked my vegetables when I got up this morning, and I ate an egg dish slowly and I picked up my kids from school, and I'm happy.  I wish I read more today, but I have 9.857 weeks left to do some of that. I wish I wrote some, but it didn't happen. And that's okay. Scarlett said tomorrow is another day.

I just realized I have a little more than a week before I go down to Palm Springs for residency again.  Um, what? Yikes! So much to do before then.  Better go.

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