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Who, What, When, Where: Vegas

Details, details...

StocktonLobbyAtrium at bellagioSerendipity3UntitledCEHViewMesa Grill

We flew: Allegiant out of Stockton

Uber-cheap and no hassles out of the tiny airport.  We also got our room through the airline.

We stayed: at Bellagio

I figured just in case I never wanted to go back, at least I'd stay someplace beautiful.  And it was.  Our room had a great view of the fountains and the strip.  We could sit and watch the water show out our window.  I'm really glad we picked this hotel because it was not just a nice place to stay, but the quality of the guests was a little higher than some of the ones we walked through.  It had a warm ambiance which I enjoyed; it definitely contrasted with some of the other nicer hotels in that it seemed more inviting rather than cold.  The room was nice, the people who worked there were nice, and the restaurants were amazing.  We stayed in the newer Spa Tower, which is all non-smoking.  I liked that too.

We ate:

a lot.

Wednesday for lunch we ate at Harley Davidson Cafe, which was exactly what you would picture it being.  We wanted beer and barbecue, we got it.  Our waitress was nearly unintelligible as a human being under all of her hair dye, boobs, and false eyelashes.  But the wait staff was friendly and they made good greasy food.

We shared a frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity3, which is nothing like its counterpart in New York, but the chocolate's the same. E bought a doughnut the size of his head.  I saw a lady who may or not have been a dude.

Dinner that night was at Yellowtail, a Japanese restaurant in the Bellagio.  We didn't have a water view, but we DID have a table on the corner near the entrance to the casino from the shops, so it was prime people-watching.  We were wearing our best and I had my Vegas hair goin' on, so we were feeling all kinds of attractive.  See and be seen, beezies.

Thursday's lunch was at The Buffet at the Bellagio.  We were too hungry, so we scarfed it too quickly to enjoy it, but it was arguably the best buffet I've been to.  Definitely felt like we got our money's worth on that one.  I tried to eat my weight in steak and shrimp.  Forget vegetables... they take up too much room.

Our best meal was Thursday night when we had our anniversary dinner at Mesa Grill in Caesar's.  Several friends recommended it and it didn't disappoint.  I had a spicy spinach salad and a corn and shrimp tamale.  E had pork tenderloin and a duck pancake appetizer.  I had my margarita and half of E's--they don't mess around with margs at M.G.  Yummy.  The service was so good and the food was just perfection.  We counted this as our anniversary dinner and it felt really special.

We did:

Walk all over God's Green Earth Sin City. I did not anticipate E wanting to be a go-getter while we were there, so the only casual shoes I packed were CHEAP flip flops.  Oops.  We saw: Bellagio, Caesar's, the Flamingo (quickly), Bally's, Paris, Planet Hollywood, the m&m store, Vdara, the Cosmopolitan, Aria, the shops at Aria, New York New York, Excalibur, and the Luxor.  My poor feets.  My blisters have blisters.

Buy touristy stuff for our kids.  We came home with some sweet, sweet m&ms PJs for the monkeys.

Window shop.  E walked through his first two Tiffany & Co stores as well as a Jimmy Choo.

People watch.  I taught E about how the girl needs to wear the shoes instead of the shoes wearing the girl.  We marveled at why people would bring their children to such a place where they'd have to explain all that nakedness and beer.  We walked past miles and miles of card-clicking smut-sellers, and laughed at all the starred-out boobs that littered the ground and dotted the roving billboards in the streets.  We tried to see where we measured up in terms of attractiveness/youth/trashed-up-ness and decided we came out more than okay.  I eavesdropped on people talking in French.

Gamble.  Not crazy-like or anything, but we made a sizable donation.  We played a long time--that's what matters according to my Grandma Lila.  We hit the roulette and blackjack tables pretty good and wasted some major time playing bonuses on penny slots.  Our last day, we won a lot which A) didn't make our overall losses so bad, and B) meant we left on a positive note.  Win.

Drink our fair share of adult beverages and then some.  'Nuff said.

Dance the night away.  We ended up in clubs both nights.  The first night most of the places we wanted to go were dark, so after dinner and lots more walking around to sight see, we ended up at a small club at Planet Hollywood: Gallery. The second night we were at a crazy-packed club at the Bellagio, The Bank.  I had a blast at both.  I don't know if I can say E did, but he usually does a good man-dance while I prance around in front of him and do my best to make him look good.  Dancing isn't something we'd exactly do at home since we'd have to get someone to stay in with our kids while we went out like twenty-somethings.  But it seemed like it would be fun to both of us and we worked our younger-than-32-years-old looking faces to get in free and get our groove on.  Observation: we are not the oldest nor the ugliest people in the club.   Not.  By.  Any stretch.  You know I love me a chance to shake my booty, anyway.  Yeah.  That happened, Vegas.

Remember that we really like each other.  The whole trip was like one big date.  We get stuck in our routines at home and our roles as mom and dad here and it was nice just to be H and E.  We missed our kids but we felt like we needed this trip.  We enjoyed each other's company and we were glad we had the freedom to do so.  I really like my husband, you know?

Spend a shit-ton of money.  But it was worth it.  Amen.

Get me a massage at the Bellagio.  Good lord, I love me some high-end spa and massage.  I imagine heaven like the long hallways of the Bellagio spa.  As usual I tried to use or partake of every possible free amenity in the spa itself before and after my treatment.  The prices are crazy, but I'm telling you it was the one thing I reeeeally wanted to do.  (And it was the best of all my Vegas experiences.)  Check.

We did not:

See a show.  Being there mid-week meant some of the things we would have seen were dark, but there also just wasn't anything playing that we were thrilled about, so we didn't.  Maybe next time.

Hang out by the pool.  This is the one thing I'm sad about, but the one day we tried to go it was closed because it was so windy.  Oh well.

Rest much.  As I said, E wanted to trek all over the place, so we didn't rest or read or stay in one place as much as I'd imagined we'd do.  But now we both feel like we've seen it, like we have a good sense of everything if and when we go back.

Vegas was a good spot for our quick getaway without the kids.  Neither one of us had been before, but I'm glad we didn't go until we had enough money to actually do stuff and enough sense not to drink until we passed out and wasted the next day.  I spent all three days thinking about how lucky I was to be with such a handsome young lawyer, and appreciating the freedom we had to just take off and go wherever the wind took us.  Vegas is a strange, busy place.  I don't have much to compare it to except New York in terms of bustle and 24 hr stimulation.  I think the difference is that New York doesn't give two shits whether you like it or not, and Vegas is bending over backwards to cater to your every whim.  New York is the confident older woman, Vegas is the teenage girlfriend who's trying to figure out a way to entice you to stay longer.  Or something.

I would totally go again.  Totally glad we went this time, but totally EXHAUSTED.  Totally.

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  1. I'm glad you had a good time! Mesa Grill is amazing, as is Serendipity.
    And I wonder the same thing about parents bringing their kids there - it's not a place for anyone under 18, in my opinion. There's too much craziness and things that young eyes don't need yet. :-)