Monday, April 16, 2012

Wedding pics, ancient scanners, and the time iPhoto ate half my album

Opening wedding gifts - Version 3

So. Yesterday was our 12th wedding anniversary.  (I know, way to write something nice about it, P.)  I have to say it's the first one in a long time where I haven't felt conflicted.  I feel like it's okay to celebrate our ups and downs and bumps and turns and the fact that we nearly split but dag-gammit, we decided to do it all over again.  And I feel like I'm in a place where I can be happy about the first time we got married without any kind of guilt about what it does or doesn't mean.  It's a day worth celebrating, and when I look at our pictures I'm struck by how much joy there is in our faces.

Yesterday was a beautiful day inside and outside our house.  And in-between soaking up a lot of sun and hacking dead wood off my peach tree, I decided it would be really nice to haul our antiquated scanner out of the hallway shelf where it resides (and doesn't get used).  I plunked it down on the dining room table (where it still sits, naturally) and started pulling candid shots out of our photo album to scan.  Plus one for digitizing memories.

We took the kids to a low-key family sushi dinner to celebrate our 12th, and it was nice in the way that things are nice when you don't have to wear makeup to them and you can laugh with a kind of inside joke code that exists in family units.  We sat at the sushi bar with the monkeys for the first time, which was (accidentally) the best thing ever since our kids are trained to go into a special catatonic fugue when there is a large LCD television in their line of sight.  At one point I think Roo was staring at the constant sushi advertising feed and Henry was drooling over the Angels' game.  I thought they'd think the man making rolls was cool, but not so much.  They only have eyes for tempura shrimp.  It was an easy dinner, which seems to be the best kind for people with kids.  It was a nice way to relax into the end of the day.

Or so I thought.  I came home and began to crop the photos (why did I scan them three at a time???) so I could make an album in iPhoto.  I finished pretty quick and uploaded them and...

for some reason, about 20 of them disappeared.  No big deal, right?  This is my fancy cool Mac and it basically manages my house for me and writes all of my short stories without any help.  No way it was going to eat my photos, right?  Well, in the process of trying to recover them from a backup, I lost about EIGHT BILLION (no hyperbole here, folks) other photos (or thumbnails?  Either way, annoying.) that I wasn't missing in the first place.  Minus twenty for being a computer bozo.

At 10:30 PM I was out of TV to watch, energy, and patience.  I had crossed the line between "oh, this is hard but I am totally competent" and "I CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT; ALL OF MY INSECURITIES ARE CONFIRMED!"  I shut the damn computer and went to bed.  Of course this afternoon I managed to at least find the 20 or so wedding scans I lost.  The other pictures?  Now that's a scavenger hunt for another day.

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