Monday, April 23, 2012

A green age

<This is where the awesome picture of the blue and pink sunset would go, if I had remembered to take one tonight.>

I had to get the heck out of Dodge, or, more accurately, my house/room/funk tonight.  I took Hurley for a  long walk.  When I get angsty, it's always a sign that I need to sleep more, eat better, and GET OUTSIDE.  Since I've decided to forgo running indefinitely, I also need to be moving my body a whole lot more than (you know) never.  I don't want to be a disgusting slug, it sort of just happened.

I feel good knowing--as I said in my last post--that I'm just riding the crazy train until the end of May and then I get to be me again.  It's the time of year when school just plain needs to be over.  I'm over it.  Ovah.

But.  I'm reminded today that life's about to get reeeaaal simple and my sphere, very small.  Life just is that way when I'm not teaching and it is my favorite thing.  Case in point:  I purchased me veggies not two days ago for me awesome wee vegetable garden.  Since this is year two of planting in my fence-protected, no-dogs allowed space I know a little bit more about how I want to do the layout.  I might have used a spreadsheet the other day to plan how many plants I need and where they will go.  Yeah, that happened.

Here's my haul.  I hope to get it in the ground by this next weekend.


It's a happy goal, too. I'm about to be 33, and I'd like my plants in the ground before my birthday.  (Green plants, green birthday.)  Planting a garden is such a gentle reminder of my Dorothy Gale-ism:   that home is where I have everything I need and care about, and I don't need to go looking any farther than my own backyard.  I feel settled, thinking about how much real life I have ahead in the summer with my two monkeys, E and the garden.

Walking tonight was good for me, too.  I needed to stretch my legs and think.  I needed to be quiet.  I needed to reconnect with the sky and the duck poop on the sidewalk.  Okay, maybe not that last part.  But there's a weird thing that happens when I'm not walking or running much where I'm just disconnected from the (for lack of a better, non-cliche term) world around me.  I'm sorry if that sounds so annoying.  I know.  But when I take too much time off and get stuck inside, I just don't feel right.  I'm hoping I can push myself to get outside again and enjoy the air.

Twenty days to freedom.  Not that I'm counting.

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