Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bleedin' feets and bad poems


Not much exciting tonight, 'cept I made some not-disgusting fried chicken for dinner, and Biggest Loser is on which always makes me happy in a voyeuristic/cheerful-uppy kind of way.  I know there are all kinds of things wrong with that show, but it inspires me to see people change that much.

Anyhoodles.  I'm just back from the longest pedicure ever... not long on relaxation, but long on pain.  My bad ballerina toes are wont to be ingrown, and tonight I drew the lady who digs out things until (sometimes) she draws blood.  Tonight there was blood (not on the saddle... remember Big Al?).  I had to stay there until things calmed down and homegirl worked all kinds of ancient secrets on mah toesies to get them to settle.  I'm hurting, but I know my feet will feel better by tomorrow.  I should just up and have that thing where they fix your toes so that doesn't happen anymore, but it scares me.  (More than a crazy woman going at my toenail pits with a metal tool.  I know it doesn't make sense.)

Today I had the monkeys at work with me which made today feel like the longest day in the history of ever.  I like them, but I worry too much when they're at work with me.  We all had a good night, though, and E came through the door looking equal parts Mad Men and 2012 Guy Who Wears Purple Tie With Aplomb.  We had a good dinner.  I left for my pedicure.  I came back, and now I'm going to give poetry a second night of trying.  All of the sudden since I'm in a poetry class, I am questioning my every word.  I'm glad for the stretch, though.  Hopefully something awesome is going to come out of all this discomfort.  It's like a pedicure.


  1. I kept having issues when I did pointe and ended up getting the sides of my nails removed so it can't happen anymore. It really wasn't painful just kinda weird...You should try it. I can promise it is better than having the nail salon lady kill your feet :)

  2. Yes, yes I do remember Big Al. Though I've only seen the show in Florida and not here in CA because it was replaced by Pooh (which personally I like better, but that's because I'm not a fan...) The question is, how much of a Country Bears fanatic are you? :)