Saturday, April 28, 2012

Almost there.

Summer is so close I can taste it. We've been filling our days with lots of almost-summer stuff: Disney movie marathons, gardening, baseball on the front lawn, (monkeys) running throuh the sprinklers, eating frozen yogurt. This week I walked Hurley a lot and I think it was good for us both in terms of getting the nervous energy out. I do better when I see water and sunsets.

These next few weeks at school? They're the half mile at the end of the long run: miserable. If I pay too much attention to how much I have left to do, it's going to go by even slower. If I start the sprint too early I'll poop out and it will be worse than it has to be. My job for the next 23 days is to keep moving slowly and to enjoy the scenery.

My plan? Choose to be happy right now, rather than when I get there.

Spring.Catch.Twinkle helps edit video.

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  1. i love this heather! i started all the work in my yard that i would normally put off until summer, but i think that as a teacher it is all too easy to put your life on hold until the next vacation and that's not fair to anyone. i find myself excited and happy- full of energy and self satisfaction. i feel like for the first time in 4 1/2 years, i'm actually living my life during the school year as opposed to waiting for it to begin. rock on with your happy self. the pup walks at the end of the day totally help. even though i'm exhausted, just seeing their excitement and bliss at something as simple as sniffing a blade of grass really does make the stress of our jobs melt away.