Thursday, March 01, 2012


So far, so good this week. Made it through two more rounds of Mock Trial competition with my school kids. Set a new record for number of hairdos I can do in a 20 minutes (I think I did 7?) last night. Mock Trial has been great. These kids are amazing and it's cool to get to see them compete and really shine. They've been staying positive and really just knocking out of the park (courtroom?) every night. Our kids are standing strong and making our school proud. And me. I'm proud too.

BUT I did get home last night and E and the kids ate up all the leftover pizza, so I was STARVING. Like, crazy starving. So I shamelessly took a box of Triscuits and tub of hummus into my bed. I ate that hummus like it was my job. You know that thing where you're starving but you're tired, so you just kind of stand there staring at the fridge like a three-course meal might pop out and onto your plate? Only it doesn't? Yeah, that.

Hummus to the rescue.


Currently, I'm waiting for E to get home from baseball practice #2 so we can go celebrate his 33rd birthday. As of today, I have known E for more birthdays than not. That's totally weird and totally cool.

Happy Birthday, E. #

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