Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Update with PDawg

Despite the stressful week I had, and Friday night's Meltdown Extraordinaire, it's been a pretty good weekend.

Henry has a broken finger--he got stepped on at baseball practice this week--but since it got splinted and casted he's been ok.  The first splint they did was awkward, but the cast has made him much happier.  He's carrying around a Sharpie so everyone he sees can sign it.  Any discomfort he's feeling from having to wear a cast is outweighed by the celebrity that comes with such a badge of honor.

Last week E hired a housekeeper and she comes for the first time this Tuesday.  I got a bug because of this and Friday night I dug in to tackle the Boy's toy box.  Our family room has been a play room which has been a repository for about (just spitballin'...) ten tons of toys.  And out of those ten tons, I'm gonna say that the kids have outgrown 9.99 tons.  They were just piled up and there was no place for anything to go.  So I got his stuff sorted on Friday and then yesterday I woke up to dive in to Miss Roo's. Her stuff was worse because she's on the tail-end of the whole toy thing.  Anyway, by yesterday afternoon we had a family room that was a family room again.  I don't think we've had that since 2008.  It felt like we gained square footage in our house.  Last night E vacuumed out all the dust behind everything and he moved the TV.  (I can see it better from the kitchen now when I cook, too!)

Saturday we had a baseball game--kind of funny that our kid can't play with his broken finger, yet there we are coaching and team mom-ing.  Our nephews are on the same team, though, so it's still pretty cute.  And I'm really liking having some involvement with the whole team.  I am finally starting to feel like I know who the boys are.  We sat around all morning, hoping it would rain out so we could finish our organization, but that didn't happen. It was wicked cold, but it was a great game.  Henry is happy to sit on the bench and chat it up with whichever other kids are out that inning.

E and I had a great little date last night, too.  We're so lucky to have regular, free and generous babysitting from K.  I don't worry one bit about leaving them because she makes it so easy on us and they all genuinely like each other.  What a gift.  The kids had a quiet night at home and we had dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant and saw The Hunger Games at the drive-in.  I love the drive-in.  No running in to any of my students.  No listening to people talk through the movie.  Nobody kicking my chair.  Win.

Today I've just been prepping the house for Tuesday--wandering the quiet aisles of Target early in the morning to pick up cleaning supplies and then trying to pick things up and off of all the surfaces in our house so we get the most clean for our buck.  I baked some scones already, and I've got a full afternoon of more baking, some reading, and a fatty nap planned.

I'm so thankful we don't have anywhere to be today.  Home = happy.

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