Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pet Peeves: A List

When you don't wash out your pan from cooking late night corned beef hash.

When my students write in pencil, or so illegibly that they might as well just not write words.

Pants on the floor next to the bed.

Repetitive, annoying noises coming out of children or teenagers.
Related: that thing where you think you're gonna be a rap star so you tap out beats with your pen.

People who start singing in the middle of class or on public transportation.

That one guy who says "oh no, he di-in't" and "DO NOT GO IN THERE!" at the movies.
Related: that one guy who brings his kids to R-rated movies at 10:00 PM.
Related: that one guy who lets his kid kick my chair at the movies.

Empty to-go cups on the kitchen counter.

Parents who don't make their kids look at adults in the eye.

Overgrown lawns.

That awful song, "Proud to be an American."
Related: the fact that America doesn't have a better song.
Related: American flag clothing on non-olympians.

When someone does all the dishes but doesn't wipe down the counter.

Related:  When I'm teaching and you don't wait for me to finish before you raise your hand to ask a question about the thing I'm going to talk about.

These words: vision statement, webinar, actionable items.  And the word panties.  For crying out loud.

That thing where you procrastinate and your emergency has to become mine.
Related: you didn't pay attention the first time I told you, and you want to know again.

People who think that being cute means they don't have to follow rules.

You, using my razor.
Alternately: you, being mad at me for using your razor.


Sneaky people.
Related: parents who lie so their children won't get in trouble.

When Henry takes 3 hours to eat his dinner but can down the whole thing as soon as E says "you have 30 seconds to finish."

Elementary school parking lots at about 2:36 PM.

Linen. Rayon.

Trying to squirt mustard out of the bottle and getting that gross mustard water.  Yuck.

Stores that make you use coupons/store cards/special mailers to get the prices they should just give you in the first place.

When people say they'll help but they step in and do it for me.

Mean people. People who steal.

People having meetings to read power points/handouts out loud.

Cauliflower.  We have broccoli, so what's the point?


Lately I'm writing in response to prompts from The Scintilla Project. Check it out.

Today's prompt: Pet peeves. We've all got 'em. What are yours? Write about a time when you experienced one so vividly that we all join your army of defiance.


  1. You forgot two...

    When people see "whole nother"

    When you share a bed with your sister and her toes touch you


    1. HAHAHA you made me and E laugh so hard. Yes to both of those! :)

    2. Oops...That should be say, not see.

  2. and, it should be "E and I." Just a whole nother thing that bugs me.