Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our chant:

School Loop.  Home Group.  Focus Group.  Program Improvement.  Bold goals.  SMART goals.  Goals and objectives.  Mainstream. Standard.  Benchmark.  Objective.  Anticipatory set.  Progress monitoring.  Direct instruction.  Improvement Cycle.  BEST.  Title I.  Interdisciplinary.  Peer-based.  Pair share.  Ticket out the door.  Facilitate.  Student-centered.  Proximity. Learning communities.  Book study. Alignment.  Vision. IEP.  504.  PLC.  AYP.  API.  WASC. CELDT.  FAFSA.  SST.  PAIS.  STAR9.  CST. CTE. TDA. SAGE. SAT.  CSET.  ACT.  AP.  EL.  CSRE.  MYPAS.  FAST. SISWEB. NCLB.

My tribe speaks a special language.


For the next few weeks I'm writing in response to prompts from The Scintilla Project. Check it out.

Today's prompt: List the tribes you belong to: cultural, personal, literary, you get the drift. Talk about the experience of being in your element with your tribes.

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