Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nine big fatty hours

Goal: One week.  63 hours of sleep.

Hey.  This week I am going to go big or go home in the sleep department.  Nine hours a night, every night.  I set this lofty goal because I caught myself at the end of last week--for the third or fourth day in a row--basically wishing all day that I was just home, in my bed, asleep.

That's quality, PDawg.  That's an awesome way to live.

No, not being excited to write.  Not being happy about playing with my children.  Not being, you know, "nice" to students at work.  Not even enjoying the inane reality tv that normally floats my little boat.  Nope.  Just waking up, wishing I could stay in bed, and counting down the hours to sleep and hating every minute of everything I was doing that was not sleep.  L-A-M-E.

The other thing was that I saw this piece on CBS Sunday morning about the importance of sleep.  Well, truthfully I think a lot of the focus of "getting an extra hour" or "one fewer hour" everyone has to talk about every time we change to or from daylight savings is ten kinds of stupid.  One hour doesn't make one bit of difference.  I know.  I've wasted plenty of those hours watching the Real Housewives of Just About Everyplace.  But as I watched that piece, I started to wonder if just getting more sleep, you know, on a regular basis, might not be a terrible idea.  During the summer I'm all kinds of happy, and I am willing to put a lot of money on the hypothesis that it's related to how much napping and sleeping I do.  (Which is, frankly, a ton.)

On average in the last few weeks, I've been getting about five or six hours a night.  This is not nearly enough for me.  I'm a big ol' baby and I need a boatload.  Go ahead and comment and tell me how you've been blasting through life like alien-shootin' Daniel Craig on your 3.2 average hours of sleep, but I'm just gonna shrug and be like okay cowboy, you win.  Go ahead and jump off that horse and onto a flying saucer for all I care.

I'm 2 for 2 in the sleep department, and I've consequently been able to take my fully-rested self to the gym two mornings in a row for running, stretching, and planking (not the awkward kind, the core-building kind).  I feel tired, but it's good tired.  Going to bed early sucks, but not as much as hating my whole life.  The end.

Sorta related:  here are some pics from this weekend.  In addition to sleep, it's back to real life things like vegetables, and little league, and early mornings with my boy.

Radishes. #farmersmarketTurnips. #farmersmarketBaseball.Little League. Opening day. :)Day 11: Someone you talked to today. Henry. #marchphotoaday

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