Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 8 | Simple Pleasures

Things that rock my world:

Heavy blankets + flannel sheets + memory foam mattress.

That feeling after a really long run when you lay on the ground for a minute and you don't have to move.

Book smell.

Henry's cheek against my kiss.

Cat feet.
Cat feet.

The way I fit into E's hug.

Reaching the point in a book when it gets really good.


A good tequila buzz.

Shouting into the white noise of the American River.  Or sleeping to it.

"Charge it to my room."

Mom's roast beef, rice and gravy.

The smell after it rains on asphalt.


Texts to say "goodnight."

That thing high school kids do where they write you notes telling you what you mean to them.


Ocean air.

Vaccum lines in the carpet.

Envelopes full of cash just after payday.


Sermons that challenge you to think.

Appetizers, especially ones with shrimp.

Portable, battery-powered, laptop-sized printers.

Visiting Disneyland with other adults who love it too.  Or kids.


Mechanical pencils, Bic Rollerball pens, and Uniball Vision Elite pens.

When dogs are excited to see you after a long vacation.

Christmas Eve, just before the presents are opened.

Confidence that there are people you can trust to love you no matter what.


For the next few weeks I'm writing in response to prompts from The Scintilla Project. Check it out.

Today's prompt: What are your simplest pleasures? Go beyond description and into showing the experience of each indulgence.*

*(I didn't really follow the prompt exactly.  I feel okay about this.)

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  1. I am loving reading your responses to these prompts! Keep 'em coming. :-)