Monday, February 06, 2012

Story Time

I remember afternoons in first grade when the kindergarteners would leave (I had a split K-1 class class) and we'd settle into rows on the carpet in front of Mr. Helms. That year I listened to several of The Chronicles of Narnia and my favorite, Mr. Poppers' Penguins.

Throughout school, I loved when people would read to me.  My tenth grade class used to ask for our teacher to request a particular sub because we loved his reading voice.  I can remember him reading Bradbury's "There Will Come Soft Rains" to us during our science fiction unit.  I was transfixed.  The same was true in college when my Norse Mythology professor would read Beowulf.  I swoon for a good kenning.

All day today I was playing another Bradbury story, "A Sound of Thunder" for my students and I was shocked at how still they sat to listen.  I'm sure if I would have asked them to read in groups or take turns reading aloud, they would have been all over the place like a bunch of wild animals.  Instead they sat here under some kind of weird spell.

It.  was.  awesome.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.  Sitting to listen to a story will still put me into a trance today.  Whether I'm running, driving, taking a bath, or just laying in my bed listening, I'm kind of an audio book junkie.  Lately it's been a short Murakami book on running, but it has the intended effect.  I feel like I should have an audio book on my phone and headphones in my purse at all times in case I'm stuck somewhere.

My favorite one, ever?  This version of Jane Eyre.


  1. I LOVED Mr. Helms. I can still hear his voice (not like voices in my head in the crazy sense, but you know)!

  2. I just got into audio books because I could listen to them while trying to get my baby to sleep. I've listened to "Room" (great) and "The Hand that First Held Mine" (ok). I tend to be a fast reader, so this definitely brings the words into a new perspective!

  3. We have an audio book "club" at work. I was always afraid that I would mess up the claims that I process, but I've found that I really enjoy "reading" that way!

  4. I find I can't do anything that requires concentration, but it's a helpful thing for "zoning out." If I could do other tasks (like work) while I was listening? Oh my goodness... the possibilities.