Monday, February 20, 2012

Peace and hair ties

My hopeless obsession with buying reusable water bottles continues.  I couldn't resist a new double-walled insulated Camelbak last night at Target.  My old favorite water bottle has been a (non-insulated) Camelbak but the condensation was always making puddles on my desk at work.  I'm kinda excited about the possibilities of non-drippy cold water consumption that lie in my future.

*jazz hands*

Last night after Target I also did something I've been wanting (okay, needing) to do for at least two years.  Are you ready for it?

I organized our bathroom drawers.  Our disgustingly disorganized bathroom drawers.  I know, I'm so gross.  You can't imagine how anyone lives this way.

These were the kind of drawers that are so full you have to shove things down deeper just so you can slide them all the way out.  I tried to start a system of organization when we moved to this house almost 8 years ago that went like this:

under the sink: hair dryer, flat irons, travel bags and extra stuff

bottom drawer: nail polish/nail stuff and lotion

next drawer up: hair stuff

next drawer up: makeup

top drawer: ???

As you can imagine, that top drawer started to be the catch-all junk drawer, and then once the junk got to be too much for a single drawer, it all just trickled down into lower levels.  I'm not gonna lie, there were hair ties and bobby pins EVERYWHERE.  I could open a store, if only there was a market for slightly dusty, used hair accessories.

With no system or proper label for that top drawer (first aid?  tooth supplies?  WHAT WAS IT TRYING TO BE???) it ended up holding everything from those extra buttons you get when you buy clothes (tell me someone actually uses those?) and empty saline rinse packets (sexy, right?) and dust and band-aids with no box and Mentholatum and Crest Whitestrips and safety pins and nail clippers and earrings and  and old eyeglasses and just... crud.  I even found the hospital bracelets I wore when Henry was born and my name tag from Retrouvaille in there.  (The name tag got tossed, but I couldn't bring myself to get rid of the bracelets, nor could I figure out where those are supposed to go, yet.)

Should I really be admitting this on the Internet?

Making things worse was the fact that a shampoo bottle leaked all over my travel stuff under the sink, so I had to do a fair amount of scrubbing and scraping of goo.  I had to say goodbye to a really nice travel bag because it was goo-ed beyond salvation.

E stood right by my side, scrubbing and holding the trash bag open for me.  I'm sure it was half intervention, half act of pity, but I happily accepted his support.  I feel peace in my soul knowing that all of my lipsticks are in the same tub.

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  1. ohmygawds. I organized our bathroom cupboards last weekend. Actually, the whole bathroom got a makeover. O coerced Joe into painting it blue and then I ran to Target to purchase new DECOR. We're currently operating on the same wavelength, sista.