Monday, February 27, 2012


One deep breath, Sunday, before a marathon week.

If my real marathon training taught me anything, it was that the only way to get to the end is to take one step at a time and not to think too hard about how much is still out in front.  With four rounds of Mock Trial county competition, a full week o' teachin', the start of Henry's baseball season, E's birthday, and E and Henry's birthday party all this week, I'm going to have to put that into practice.  I've got it all written down, and hopefully I can just look ahead every five minutes or so to figure out where I am supposed to be.

Sunday we spent some major time loafin' around.  Roo had a friend over.  Buddy hit a few baseballs in the front yard.  Cats did as cats do.

There's nothing like my boy in his baseball cap!twinklecook

I feel guilty, these two monkeys bring me so much joy.  (And sleeping cats?  It doesn't get any better than that.)

If all goes well, dear Internet, I'll be hitting the gym at 5:00 AM when this posts on Monday.  I se-he-he-he-he-he-riously need to get a MOVE ON and run because A) I signed myself up for a half that's in--oh, I don't know--a month or so, and B) my body and brain need the release.  Otherwise I'm going to just turn into a giant not-so-Thin-Mint.

Time to lean in and check things off the list.

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