Friday, February 03, 2012

I'm an angry elf.


Enough of this week.  Enough.

Angry mop knows what I mean.

Was something in the water?  Is my sense of reality skewed because I've been dealing with this cold for about two weeks longer than I had hoped?  Did the kids all get together and make some kind of crazy pact?

I wonder if this is just part of the cycle of the normal school year, but I don't remember everyone going out of their heads last February.  Maybe it's the unseasonably warm and dry weather we're having.  Maybe Californians all needed to get a bit wet to stay closer to normal.  Who knows.  I know that May is a crazy month in education.  I know that by May I'll have no patience for most humans and I'll be wondering why I ever signed up for this job.  But February?  Is that when we all drive each other nuts?

I don't have the energy for this.

This is a week when I wish I could vent a little bit more specifically, but suffice it to say that there have been a host of new and mind-opening situations in my classroom.  Scheez.  Let's all take a chill pill.

(Did you see Andy hand Dwight an imaginary chill pill last night on The Office?  I'm so gonna steal that.)

I don't know.  I feel like everyone needs a time out.  Myself included.  I find myself not wanting to talk to people right now because I'm afraid I'm going to get mean and create problems that don't need creating.  I even ran a little bit this week which feels like a mega-victory in light of the fact that I could barely take in oxygen.

I think tomorrow (even though I'm going to try like heck to fight it, I already know) I need to make myself get out and run (or even walk) for an hour or two.  I need to clear my head, to wash away all the ick of this week.

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