Sunday, February 26, 2012


It definitely feels like May, not February.  We got outside again yesterday.  As Henry says, "we are so lucky to live next to a creek and a park."  Yeah, Bud.

It felt good to be in the sun.  I tried to soak up some major vitamin D.  I'm still working this funk pretty hard.  I'm not sure what's up.  Is it just me?  It seems like everyone is cranky right now.  People seem tense.  Who knows, maybe that's just me putting my own weirdness on other people.  I'm just feeling unmotivated, uninspired... stuck.  Maybe this is a round of the Crazies creepin' at me.  But the more time I spend outside and the more I get out with these guys, the better everything feels.

It's too early for me to start wishing it was summer, but shh--I totally am.  For now I will take beautiful, sunny days when and wherever I can get them.


  1. I'm totally in a funk and I can't shake it. I don't even know why which is adding to the funkness. Perhaps I should roll with it and know it'll pass. If only that weren't easier said than done.

  2. Sometimes I just scroll through reader without paying attention to whose blog it is, the pictures are usually what capture my attention and invoke me to read. :) As I came by yours today, I thought, that looks like Hank. haha Scrolled back up and yep it was. LOL You have a beautiful family. I can't believe how big they are both getting. I hope you feel better soon my friend. Hugs!