Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting caught up.

Yikes, this has already been a long week. I found myself wishing it was over on three separate days.  Since we finished the science fair project, all was (relatively) well last night.  I decided to salute the days end and get reacquainted with the bottom of this glass.


And a couple of nights ago E and I also did some Breaking Bad-watching.  Anyone else watch that show?  We just started season four.  The reason I ask is that I want to punch Skyler in the face.  Also, Marie.  Well, and if we're being honest, I want to punch Hank in the face too.  So pretty much everyone except Walt or Jesse is annoying me.  But I kinda love that this show makes a teacher kind of a B.A., even if he is kind of breaking all kinds of laws.  Minor television detail.  Props to my chemistry teacher friends.


E snapped this one of me and Henry (below) last night.  Buddy boy figured out how to install Angry Birds on Google Chrome for free and he won't leave us alone about wanting to play it on our laptops.  At least he's not asking for his own personal Angry Birds Machine, or as I hear they're more accurately called, a Kindle Fire.  You know I'm right.


It's bugging me that I haven't been great about posting lately.  It's been a case of not wanting (or being able to) broadcast to the world what's on my mind.  But I've been channeling the desire to write into my recent stuff for school.  I suppose it's good it goes somewhere.

Tonight E is out picking up sushi and I think we're going to settle in for some good ol' fashioned Liz Lemon and company.  Love me some Thursday night TV, plus I haven't really watched anything else I recorded this week yet.  Stupid school.  Stupid being responsible.  I uploaded a packet last night, though, so this is the rare but highly celebrated free night where I get to feel really awesome about meeting a deadline.  Free night always comes a day or two before Oh My Gosh I Better Get Moving On My Next Deadline Day.

If I could only stop checking Blackboard obsessively to see if my fiction prof commented on my story, this night would be ten kinds of relaxing.

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