Sunday, January 15, 2012

Free day


Yesterday felt like summer.  This unseasonably warm and dry winter we're having is so strange.  I love it. I spent the day hanging out with my teaching buds but it was just sunny enough and just far enough away from home that I didn't feel like Mrs. P, just Heather.

We didn't make it off the porch to walk, but we gabbed away the entire day like it was nothing.  Even though I teach with so many of my friends, we barely ever get time to sit around and actually talk unless it's July or we go away.  It's the same for teachers as it is with kids--if your schedule doesn't line up with your friends' then you're SOL.  If you all have different lunches, well then, forget it.  You're not going to manage more than a quick hey, how are you? when you pass on your way to the bathroom during the five minutes you're allowed to pee.

And, really, there's something nice about coming together for good when so much in education is difficult right now.  I have a feeling that sharing this rough time with these awesome people is going to mean something in terms of how close we are.  I know we're going to look back on 2009/10/11/12 and say remember when we thought it was going to be that bad forever?  At least that's what I tell myself when we start to talk about pink slips every year.  And then I say another quick prayer for the economy and the state budget.

It's just nice to kick off my shoes and laugh all day.  I fall so comfortably back into my introversion that sometimes I convince myself it's easier not to hang out.  But then I spend a day with wonderful friends--good people, people I can trust--and I remember that having those people in my life is a wonderful thing.


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  1. You're so talented at writing... I always enjoy reading what you write because you know just the words to articulate what you're feeling.

    Thank you for your sweet comment about my post. Believe me... I am feeling a little embarrassed just because I posted it. But, I am hoping it helps me step out of my comfort zone a little bit and realize I have nothing to fear. :)