Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Food Network, I'm just not that into you.

Today. I'm not that into you today. I'm sure we'll resume our relationship again soon. But today Ina seems annoyingly smug about breaking into her friend's house to sneak them some truffle mac n cheese (Back to Basics, my ass, Ina!), Giada is way to excited about her arugula, and Rachel Ray needs a throat lozenge, stat.

I'm just cranky.

I was up all night with throat pains and I missed work today to go get a throat culture.  The doc kind of laughed at me for thinking I might have strep.  BUT I'M NOT CONGESTED, I SWEAR.  (Also I've had some back luck with strep in the past.)  She said I'm having some kind of inflammation in a "deep sinus" (what the heck is that?) and even though my nose and lungs and ears were okay, this was just plain ol' post-nasal drip.  Not that I'm disappointed to not have strep, but I love having things wrong with me that need antibiotics because it makes me feel like I'm doing something to cure it.  That's much better than waiting it out for people who are patience-challenged.

But no matter what, I still feel like crap.  So that's fun.  My throat hurts so I can't sleep.  I'm hungry, but OH YEAH, MY THROAT REALLY HURTS so it's not so pleasant to eat.


I'm trying to make the best of my day at home. Been laying low, watching Food Network (natch) and drinking lots of tea.  I just made myself a smoothie, too, so I don't pass out for lack of calorie intake.


  1. I've been having a horrible sore throat since last week. It wasn't until this Tuesday that I went to see a doctor. And well, I'm now taking antibiotics and need to be on sick leave for 5-7 days. Gargling salt water helps and stay away from drinking cold stuff. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Booo for sore throats!

    I thought I was going to die a few weeks back when I contracted something obscene from my husband that caused my throat to swell, me to cough uncontrollably, and my voice to go completely ghost--for a week!

    For a girl who LOVES to talk (and hear herself talk) it was disturbing.

    I hope you feel better. Slippery elm and Licorice tea (I found out) works really well.

    And p.s....I really wanted to comment on the lovely post where you referred to me as a sweet "woman," but I was so honestly flattered and surprised to hear myself referred to as a "woman" that I lost my nerve..and lurked instead. (You have to my mind I'm still a "girl"...not an about to be 35, mother of two, married 12, or 13 years--I forget.)

    Not to mention I was afraid of being deemed an "internet stalker."

    Anyway...thank you so much for all your time...I daydream about the program now!