Monday, January 30, 2012


Well, today is an example of win some, lose some.  I'm home on my couch instead of wrapping up my third period class.  Even though I did find the fortitude to drag my (still sick) butt out of bed at 4:15 this morning to go run at the gym, I came home to a sick Roo.  So I ran (well, run/walked) my 3 miles but I was benched for the rest of the day and I had to call a sub.  E's home too--he had a doctors' appointment but he couldn't take Addie--so it's kind of a strange weekday.

Photo on 12-8-11 at 10.22 AM
This morning, just for fun, I'm linking up with Chelsy at The Paper Mama for her Currently post, inspired by the Currently posts at Sometimes Sweet.  I enjoy both blogs, and it it was nice inspiration for my weirdo day off.

Obsessing over… Breaking Bad.  E and I started watching episode 1 of season 1 on Christmas Eve.  Last night we finished the last episode of season 4, which takes us through the current seasons.  I like it a lot, but probably not as much as E.  Sometimes it's a little gruesome for my tastes, but it's an interesting idea.  I really felt like the writing got better in season 4 and I liked where it was headed.  I have no idea where it's going to go in season 5 and now I just have to sit and wait like everyone else watching the series.  (And while I'm talking TV, I have a new interest: Alcatraz.  E wanted to give up in the middle of the pilot because he said it was too much like Lost.  I'll admit I see the similarities in how it's filmed and what kind of show it is, but it's different enough--and interesting enough--that I'm hooked.  I felt like the second and third episodes were good.  I'm hoping it keeps up.)


Working on… many things.  I just finished a short story for grad school a few weeks ago called An Accusation, based around the idea that in education it doesn't matter what you really do (or are), only what your reputation is.  I just got it back and I'm going to rework (or add) a new ending.  I'm also working on a stack of 58 essays by my seniors today since I'm home.  I'm trying a new grading method where I don't write comments but instead track student areas for improvement on a spreadsheet so I can figure out what to reteach.  We'll see how it goes or if I just end up getting so excited about making a chart that I procrastinate on the actual grading.  (I have a prediction.)  I'm also working on getting us back to healthier eating around here.  We had a really good weekend of good food (and vegetables!) and I want to keep it up during the week.  That means planning, planning, prepping and planning meals.

Thinking about… running.  This morning at the gym I started listening to Haruki Murakami's What I Talk About When I Talk About Running.  Not only is it a pretty easy read (listen?), it's interesting to listen to someone talk about running from a writer's perspective.  As you can imagine, it strikes a chord.  I'm signed up for the Inaugural Running of the Elk Half Marathon on April 1st, so I'm hoping I can muster enough excitement about running to get me there again.

Anticipating… lunch time.  When I have a fridge full of good stuff I get way too excited about eating.  And since I didn't know I was going to be home today, my lunch is already made.  All I have to do is go get it.

Listening to… Everloving station on Pandora.  I find myself writing to it a lot lately.

Eating… edamame and drinking Zen tea.  Green theme!

Wishing… I didn't have anything else to do except write today.  And nap.  Definitely nap.  This is my last sub day for the year (sad panda!) and I feel like I should be doing something way more awesome than grading.  But I don't really think that's in the cards.  I better get moving.


  1. I hope you and your whole family feels better! And doesnt the music on Alcatraz sound EXACTLY like Lost?!?!

  2. Okay, sick days are sucky :( I hope everyone is all better quickly!

    Have you tried "Once Upon A Time"? I love that show and I can tell that it's by the creators from Lost, but it feels faster. I strongly suggest it...especially for people that love fairy tales.