Sunday, January 29, 2012

Costco, Tequila, Running and Spoiled Pups

This has been another not-so-eventful weekend.  I spent yesterday doing the Grocery-Target-Costco run all day, and this morning I've been parked on my couch since about 6:00 AM.  But really, nothing in the world makes me happier than my fridge being full of good--healthy--food and my cup being full of hot coffee.  When I woke up this morning at 5:30 I had a moment of oh great, I'm awake early on a Sunday, but it passed when I realized that meant I got some quiet time by myself for a few hours before the rest of the house started to stir.  I didn't do much but clear out my DVR and play on Pinterest, but man was it nice.


Last night E and I went to Centro, because he knows I've been wanting to give some of their three million (slight hyperbole, but not much) tequilas a try since my sister told us about them at Christmas.  We had a great dinner--really good food--and some great infused tequilas.  I tried two (one sweet and fruity--in a margarita, the other spicy--just straight) and I was hooked.  I'm definitely going to be making some of my own this summer.  Like most nights we didn't talk about anything important, but it was good to hang out without the distractions of home and pets and chores.  I like going into Sacramento for a date, too, because I feel like I blend in.  I don't have to be Mrs. P.  If we go to dinner around here, the chances of me running into a student or student parent are pretty good.  Actually, most of the servers of the local restaurants are former students.  That's nice and all, but it makes me feel like I have to be on.  Last night I was just me, hanging out with my husband, blending in to the crowd.  Love.

I am grateful for down time this weekend, despite the fact that there's a pile of laundry staring at me.  I am such a homebody.  I'm glad I got away two out of the last four weekends; I like to take off even if it's with students, but nothing makes me feel more rested than a weekend of being home, seeing the kids, hanging out with friends and E, and prepping for the next week.  It feels like a big reset button.  I was in definite need of a reboot this weekend.

Lately I'm carrying around a big sack of guilt about the fact that I'm not running.  I'll get a momentary burst of inspiration and map out an entire run plan, and then I just can't make myself go do it.  I try to think about why it is that I can't make myself get up in the morning and do it, or lace up my shoes and go outside after school, and I just can't figure it out.  All I know is that I just don't want to.  That's pretty lame, I'm aware.  I've been trying to think about how I might adapt my routine (you know, remove the excuses) but everything I've tried so far hasn't worked because I manage to not go run no matter what plan I set out for myself.

The thing is, I need that alone time.  I'm feeling it quite a bit because I'm not in a place where automatic solitude is happening every day.  I'm also, as I told E in the kitchen the other night, starting to shake like a bowlful of jelly.  I worked really hard to get in shape in the fall for my marathon and a couple of half marathons... I fear that is all slipping away (if it hasn't done so already).  I need to get on it.  My jeans aren't going to hold out much longer and dammit I am not going to go up a size.  I was my fattest ever last February, and I don't want to fall back into that hole just because I'm being a big baby.

I don't know what I'm trying to say.  I need to just stop worrying about why and get over it.  I need to put on my shoes and get outside.


This guy is not helping me leave the house, but I'm glad he likes his new blanket.

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  1. What a sweet pup!!!