Monday, December 19, 2011

Work is overrated.

Today it's gonna happen, people.  I'm gonna cross a boatload of stuff off my to-do list.

Last night E and I were kid-free so we went to a Christmas party and then out for some crab.  And then OH MY GOD we watched the season finale of Homeland.  I'm still sweating.  Holy crap, that show made me nervous.  I won't spoil it for anyone, but I will say I wasn't really happy with how it ended.  Could have been better.  It started to feel like 24 to me--all suspense and no substance.

Even though I still have way too much to do, I love the time right before Christmas.  Right now there's a bright Christmas tree in my living room and I don't have to feel like it needs to get put away.  Chritstmas music is still socially acceptable.  There seem to be sweets and snacky foods everywhere.  As soon as Christmas ends life begins to be about packing up, cleaning, making returns, and thinking about going back to work.  But for this week it gets to be about the (seemingly) endless possibility of a whole Christmas break that lies open.  Freedom.  I've got little commitments here and there to catch up with important people in my life who I haven't seen in some time.  That's always a good feeling too--knowing that you're going to get to see someone.

I like to have things to look forward to.

Right before Christmas there's also the excitement of knowing that you bought presents for people that you think they'll really like.  I love to make people feel like someone was paying enough attention to them to look for just the right present.  I like giving.  I'm totally addicted to the gifting part of Christmas.  And this year is just like last year--E and I are almost giddy, we're so excited about what we bought for the kids.  Christmas could just be about that and I'd feel like it was a win.

So I'm going to sit here and finish my coffee, make a list of where I need to go today, and I'm gonna make it happen.  We've got dentist appointments tomorrow morning, bright and early (WHY AM I ALWAYS AT THE DENTIST????) and so I'd like to make some major headway today.

Cheers, Internet.

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