Monday, December 26, 2011

What I want to remember

This year I want to remember Henry breaking out in hives at Christmas number one. Aunt Sue generously missing dinner to find him some Benadryl. I want to remember seeing cousins I haven't seen in some time, Grandma wrapping the good sewing scissors inside Caleb's present, Mom taking a gift back because it was for the other "Mom" the next night. I want to remember driving around to look at lights, the dry cold nipping at our faces when we got home. I want to remember Christmas Eve and more of Aunt Anne's "moonshine," how it is now the official drink of Christmas. I want to remember Grandpa Ed spiking my eggnog with brandy. Presents ending in the garage. Visits from old friends. Soup. Cookies and brie. I want to remember the monkeys making us open handmade gifts on Christmas morning before they would tear into their stockings from Santa. I want to remember how Henry looked when he saw Santa's note to check in the playroom (and when he found a bike!). I want to remember the kids hugging and thanking each other without being asked (even, sometimes, when the gift was not from their sibling). I want to remember how E loves to give gifts and how happy it makes him to watch people open them. I want to remember bacon and coffee at Mom's with a side of cinnamon rolls. Helping Mom start her kindle. Dad in a Hawaiian print Santa hat. The drive to Modesto, a bit sleepier than normal because Henry had us up since 4:30 in the morning. More cousins, Grandpa, uncles and aunties. Picking fruit with Mari. Checking out Travis' medals. Kara's homemade moleskin books. Beef. Meem and Pop. Lizzy Mug running in circles. Henry asleep in the car. Tucking in the tired kiddos. Activating my new phone as soon as it was midnight back east. Breaking Bad. Sweet sleep. More driving.

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