Friday, December 30, 2011

Poof. Gone.

Today was. Poofety, poof. Over.

I am not really even sure what I did today, other than to find the floor in my living room.  And the couch. But somehow that, picking up the kids, driving through Starbucks, spending an hour in my classroom and _______? filled a whole day.

Henry didn't believe me when I told him that there was no such thing as Starbucks when I was a kid.

His drive-thru pose.

Someday I'll tell him how when a coffee shop opened on the other side of the freeway in high school, we thought we won the Teenage Freedom Lottery.

How we spent all our nights and our money sitting at Buckthorns pretending like we liked coffee just so we'd have somewhere to hang out.  How I discovered then that I can't sleep if I drink caffeine at night and how gelato turns my stomach.  How we'd make up stupid games like 20 questions and ask each other if we could meet anyone famous, dead or alive, who would it be.  How I never knew enough about anything to have a good answer and I always thought about it so long that the question passed me by.  How none of that mattered except for the time it wasted.  How we hoped Celeste was working, or Spencer.  How we thought Chris Farley was the funniest ninja, ever.  How we sat there, all night, complaining that there was nothing to do in this town.

How the afternoon I asked his (future) dad if he'd think about getting back together with me we sat at this little table by the window with rickety chairs and the sun blinded us through the window.


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  1. Oh dear, Buckthorns. My first exposure to Jolt, thanks to Adam. That stuff is awful.

    How old is Henry? Melissa Clark (Glipa) sent me an email about the child safety seat law changing tomorrow to age 8 - the picture reminded me of it.