Wednesday, December 07, 2011

la résidence: 6ème jour

more Rancho Mirage from Monday that I forgot to post

So, before I get to Wednesday stuff, here was Tuesday night, chez moi:


Room service? Oui. Washing out laundry by hand and hanging it all over the bathroom to dry? Why not.

The laundry went better than the burger, which was completely raw and cold when I cut into it.  By the time they sent a replacement burger I wasn't really hungry, anyway.  And quite honestly this hotel has a fascination with pineapple that is beginning to irk me.  I wasn't really feelin' the pineapple jalapeno slaw that was piled on top.  And just because life is funny, guess what was for lunch today (catered by the hotel)? Burgers and pineapple slaw.  Yes.

I think the only things there are more of here than pineapple-related foods are people wearing horn-rimmed glasses.

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Most everything dried that I washed last night but it's been so cold here at night that my jeans are still pretty soggy the next day.  I'm sure by Thursday they'll be good.  I hope.  (I moved them to a better location to dry, too.)  Today was then, by default, a skirt day.

Photo on 12-7-11 at 7.57 AM

Wrapped my hair around a headband to curl it last night.  Braided it around the top of my head today. Re-run of Monday's sweater since I packed light.  Look how bright and cheerful I was this morning.  I'm glowing lavendar and white.  Ick.  Thanks, Macbook.

Up today:

1) Graduate lecture on comedy in literature/ the subgenre of funny literature set in academia {hilarious}

2) lecture by poet Matthew Dickman on suicide in poetry {sad, good, heavy}

3) break in the sunshine to digest the heavy emotion from the suicide lecture, read pieces for fiction workshop one more time just so I'm ready to discuss {not too shabby}

4) kill extra time until lunch reading Didion by the pool {awesomesauce}


I sat in the sun because I thought it would be good 
for my soul. Since I had on a skirt I could get a 
little bit of sun on my legs too. Aahhh...

5) lunch with my esteemed peers {okay}

6) workshop my first piece, a short story called "Foxy" {not fatal}

Listen, people.  When I say "my first piece" I mean my FIRST piece.  I've never had my stuff workshopped before, ever.  I know.  I'm such a little teeny baby writer.  But it was incredibly constructive and really interesting.

I'm not going to look at my notes tonight or obsess over anything yet.  I'm going to give it at least a day or two before I really think about it so I can get some distance from it, emotionally.  I want to really be able to hear what people had to say about my work.  (Plus I have my nonfiction piece up on Thursday, so that's a whole other deal.)

First reaction:  It's really weird to have to sit silently while people talk about your work for an hour and a half, but also kind of gratifying.  I am amazed that people take me and my work seriously, and they had some really helpful things to say about it.  But.  I feel really, really, really tired now.

And no, I didn't do that thing where you feel like you're gonna cry but you bite the inside of your cheek.  I kept smiling and took all kinds of notes.  I was a little sweaty in my palms, but I just sat there and took it--the good and the bad and the unusual.  All of it is so helpful.  I'm so grateful for this experience.

I think I'm going to get cozy and wait for Modern Family to come on.  I finished reading Little Bee this morning, so I'm excited to keep reading Slouching Towards Bethlehem tonight, too.  I am decidedly leaning toward quiet evenings to myself here, but it's making the days easier to handle.

My feet are cold. The sun is completely behind the mountain now and I have a date with the last beer in my fridge.  TTYL, Internet.

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