Sunday, December 11, 2011

Home Again: Day 10

Home again after a shorter-but-still-too-long drive through California's scenic farmland.  I felt like my drive home was an homage to Didion's Notes from a Native Daughter (also from Slouching), which I just read this week in Palm Springs.  Weird.

Once again I was up before the sun. Last night I'd set everything out, so all I had to do was throw my junk in the trunk (ha!) and get moving. It took me three trips out to the car in the dark (running like a scared fool in case any baddies were lurking who wanted to get me) and a quick trip to the gas station for gas and strong coffee.  But I was on the road by 5:45. IN THE A.M., PEOPLE.

Side note: the full-ish moon lit up the Coachella Valley and I was treated to yet another beautiful sight as I left town.  I had kind of a windmill fixation during my trip.

The early drive through the outskirts of LA was much easier than last Friday since I didn't hit any traffic. I cruised along, singing Christmas carols whenever the mood struck me. I was home in the early afternoon and SO happy to see all my peeps and beasts at home.

I am also celebrating the magic that is my bed.  Reunited after ten long days.

So here we go.  In summation, my first residency for my Creative Writing MFA:


-was over faster than I thought it would be
-was not as hard on the ego as I feared, but was suitably humbling
-was much more tiring than anticipated
-was much more inspiring than I could have hoped
-was just about as trying on ol' PDawg's introverted tendencies as anticipated
-was replete with silliness, wit and sarcasm
-was surprisingly awesome in terms of both karaoke performances by professors and cross-dressing staff members at the final party
-was definitely the beginning of some professional and personal relationships
-was fun
-was emotional
-was way too much information crammed into way too short a time frame
-was MAJOR food for thought
-was so so so so worth it.

By about 4:30 this afternoon I was zombielicious, so I crashed.  I just woke up (at 8:00) thinking it was the middle of the night.  Tomorrow it's back to work--to reality and to the Mrs. P show.  Barf.  I'm so sick of her.  I won't say it's back to real life, because that gets a big kick off in a week once I'm off work for Christmas break.  Right now it's back to business.

For the rest of my evening I'll be laying in bed, trying to remember what it is that I forgot to do before I go back to work tomorrow.

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