Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hey Little Sister

Happy Birthday to my baby sis, Lis. Her real name is Melissa, but I couldn't say that when I was 1 1/2 and she came for Christmas Eve, so she's been Lis ever since. (Mom and Dad didn't like Missy!)

I always thought Lis had the cool birthday.  She got to be put in a Christmas stocking when she was born.  She got extra presents on Christmas Eve and a pre-birthday birthday party in November when we were kids.  She didn't like losing her birthday to Christmas, though.  She swore up and down she'd never have a kid with a December birthday... and now two of her three celebrate in December.  Ha.

We love to buy Christmas presents for each other.  Every year I know I'm going to get something awesome from her because we have the same taste in what we'd want.  Often we just pick out something we'd want and give it to the other.  I love that I get to buy two things for her this time of year.

She was my partner in crime--although I still maintain she did more of the actual crimes--when we were kids, and now she's such a good friend.  Nobody could get me into more trouble, or provide me with more joy on a long car ride.  You know... Mooooom!  She's looking at ME!

Heh heh heh.

We share the same voice and the same Kynaston family brown eyes.  She has some freakishly long toes, though.  Just sayin'.  Maybe I'm still bitter because she'd always wait until they were good and cold and then put them on my leg when we had to share a bed on vacation.

Happy Birthday, Lis.  Love you ten million.

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