Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This kid.

Photo on 12-13-11 at 6.15 PM

He knocked out a tooth in the Chik Fil-A playground at age 4.  We were convinced that immediately he'd start to lose the rest of his teeth and it would be no big deal.

Nope.  Home Skillet has lost nary a tooth since that fateful Chicken-fueled day.  He's been that kid in every school picture for two years with a missing front tooth.  Every time his sister loses another one he has a sad little pout about it.

He's prone to telling me he's never going to lose another tooth.  Ever.  I've been trying to convince him he's not going to have baby teeth in college.

This afternoon I was napping and I heard a yell from the bathroom.  Addie.  "MOM, COME QUICK.  I MEAN.  I'M COMING.  I MEAN, MOM.  YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS."

She burst into my room and managed to blurt out that Henry lost his tooth.  Then Buddy burst through the door with a bloody chin, going "ahahahahahah. Ah.  Ah. AH."  It was hanging on for dear life.

I couldn't handle the dangling tooth, so I sent him to E.  E did as dads do, and tonight the tooth fairy will come.



I have one happy boy.


  1. Congrats to your son on his tooth loss!

  2. loved your post on Skinnyrunner and had to check out your blog. Adore :) and I'm just getting into crocheting too....
    Can't wait to read more!