Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cozy hats for cozy people

More dentistry this morning.  Can you believe it?  As if I didn't get enough this summer or last month.  Today was just a regular check up for me and the monkeys and THANK THE SWEET LORD nobody had any major mouth crises.  The kids got two thumbs up for their brushing skills.

Well, you know it can't be that simple with my teeth.  My appointment went something like hey, nice job flossing... your gums look really good and your teeth look really good but oh hey these five fillings need to be redone sometime soon because they're falling apart and oh basically a huge chunk of one of your teeth cracked off and fell out.  So, um, I'll be going back twice after the first of the year.  I want this taken care of asap.

My new philosophy is to aggressively attack any and every thing that even thinks about happening in my mouth with speedy dental remedies.  I am not going to "wait and see" anything anymore, because I know my teeth are a bunch of ungrateful, weak-enameled turds and they will look for any excuse to give me trouble.  I am not going down the road of possibly losing a tooth again.  I would like to skip any more references to root canals.  At this point I'm not sure how we're not just doing and redoing the same fillings every other year, but whatevs.  I was happy to take the good news about my general oral health and just figure I'll keep hanging out in the dentist's office like it's my job.

Go with what you know, right?

After the dentist we had to pick up Roo's new glasses, then we stopped to visit my mom who has been sick as sick can be.  She's doing better, thankfully.  She should be okay by Christmas.

And since we're home and the shopping is done, we're watching Christmas movies and wearing cozy hats.  It's cold.

So far we've seen Charlie Brown and Beauty and the Beast.  Best kind of day.


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  1. You two are adorable. :) I hear ya on the teeth...Rocky has been putting his off for so long, now he has major dental to do. One was a root canal over a year ago that he never got capped..he just lived with the temporary all this time. Now everything else he put off (cavaties he didn't have filled) are major work. Ugh! I have been told by my last 2 dentists in the last 6 years that my old fillings were falling apart (I have had since I was a kid)but every time I go for my 6 months they say it but they are still fine and they will check them next time. Hmmmmm???
    I hope your mom gets well soon, No Fun to be sick at Christmas time. :(