Monday, November 21, 2011

Who has two thumbs and needs an attitude adjustment?

This girl.


I've been having a rough day. It has something to do with molar #15. Remember him from last year? No? I drew you a picture to help you out.

Angry tooth is angry.

In addition to all of my regular fears: fear of ski lifts, fear of letting people down, fear of giant gross spiders that crawl into my Toms to die (yeah, that happened), I have a well-documented serious issue with dentists.

I am maintaining that this fear is totally rational because I have had my share of awful trips to the dentist, orthodontist, and endodontist.  All of my dental dealings have been painful.  None of them have ever gone the way that they should, despite my efforts to the contrary.

And I'm just gonna throw this out there, too, Internet.  With dental stuff there's this element of embarrassment.  All you people with genetically superior teeth (I'm looking at you, E) are making all us crummy-toofers feel like dirt.  No, I don't coat my teeth in caramel in the mornings and rinse with Gatorade every night before I sleep.  I don't chew on rusty nails.  I brush and floss and use floride rinse.  Always.  It's not the same as if I had something wrong with my arm.  People don't look at you and go oh what a lazy ass.  She really hasn't been taking care of her arm, so it broke.

I think I have some Goody Two Shoes shame issues that are rising to the surface.

Apparently the way I'm supposed to deal with this dentist fear is lots and lots of exposure to dental activities.  I loooooove the sound of a dental drill.  My heart skips a beat when I see that silver pokey thing.  My mouth keeps sending me back for more.  I am Miss Dental Trauma 2011.  Today sucked.  I know, I said that already.

I have kind of a decision to make and it's not going to be good either way.  And no matter what I choose, it's expensive and not covered by my insurance.

I had a big cry about it tonight.  And a bigger pity party this afternoon.

But then I remembered this post I saw on Pinterest last week (above).  And that feeling sorry for myself about a hard choice I have to make doesn't make this decision any easier.  It won't make it not hurt when I have to see the dentist and it won't really do much of anything except... well... give me more to be upset about.

Life isn't fair and I need to get over it.  I know.

So tonight we went to eat chicken wings and now I'm watching Elf with Roo.  If I put stock in anything for its cheering-up qualities, it's the movie Elf.  And Roo.


  1. The first post I see, says Angry Tooth is Angry! I think the drawing is AWESOME, but I'm sorry for your tooth pain! :/

    I hope that you have a lovely Thanksgiving! :)

  2. How is it that E is my brother and I didn't get the superior teeth? I got the lousy, crummy, need-four-crowns-and-millions-of-cavities-to-be-filled teeth.

    I hate teeth. I fear dentists. I feel your tooth pain. Literally, with every bite of food and sip of liquid I take.