Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wherein we bounce like crazy.


Hey, Internet. Did you have a friend in the 1980's with a giant backyard trampoline?  You know, the kind of friend whose parents didn't much care what you did in the backyard all day (read: all parents until about the year 2000) and the kind of trampoline that was big enough for flips and sleepovers and hours of endless bouncing?

Yeah, I did.  E too.

Man, I don't miss much about being a kid but (nearly) unlimited access to giant trampolines is one thing I sure enjoyed.  Those were some sweet, sweet days of jumping.  Of course there were knee burns and sun burns and random bruises from overshooting a flip or slamming into the bar or falling between the springs.  But that stuff made you try harder to get it right the next time.

There's nothing like a trampoline and a bunch of peers egging you on to flip that will give you a rush.  And once you land that flip the first time?  You're golden in Kid Land.

Saturday, for Addie's birthday, we took the kiddos to play on the new iteration of trampolines--the kind without exposed springs or nearby concrete.  The indoor kind.  The kind with liability waivers and bored teenage supervisors.

IT.  WAS.  (still) AWESOME.

It's funny how a body can remember movement even if it isn't in perfect moving shape.  Jumping with the kids reminded me so much of grades 4-7 when the best thing about any weekend was the number of hours I got to bounce at a friend's house.  Though I was completely out of breath after about ten minutes of bouncing, it was too much fun.

The best part, according to the kids (who have been several times without me before), was the foam pit.  They didn't lie... rows of trampolines leading up to a giant pit of foam blocks.  We flipped and cannon-balled and twisted into it again and again.

I hope my kids remember us being fun parents.  I hope when they're old they see these pictures and they want to get out there and jump with their kids too.  I'll admit that for a millisecond I felt a little bit silly being one of the few grownups out there.  But the grins on the faces of the monkeys made that feeling disappear instantly.   We had a great time.

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