Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Things


Reminder to self: Leave the camera out. Kids won't be six and almost nine for very long.

I've been up since 4:00 AM, which is the biggest joke in the world.  During the week when I want to wake up at 4:00 AM to run it's traumatic; today I lay there like a big dope obsessing over all my worries.  I got up and wasted about two hours on Pinterest with one ear to a rerun of Mad Men.  Related Pinterest-y things: big plans to try some no heat curls soon.  Also, crock pot breakfast casserole.  At least something good came of my insomnia.  And oh yeah:  do you like my giant font on the Kindle?  My cut off sweat pants?  My knit moccasins?  No shame, Internet.  No shame.

I continue to be so glad that my kiddos are such good friends.  Right now they've got Addie's laptop (not the one pictured) hooked up to our old computer monitor (bigger screen) on her desk and they're rocking out to Pandora while they share the bed and a game of Webkinz on E's laptop.  They had a "couch sleepover" last night (which just means they got to sleep on the couches in the playroom) but not before we all piled into our bed to watch a Monsters vs Aliens special on Netflix.  It's been a very technological couple of days.

In Nerd News, I'm spending this week doing some revisions of a couple of pieces for school, and I'm enjoying the ability to read books without a looming deadline.  This might sound strange, but having about a week to finish a book is such a luxury right now.  I'm reading Sedaris' Squirrell Seeks Chipmunk right now--a fast and funny read--and I am enjoying it more than I thought because Sedaris can so clearly define personalities in such a short piece.  I can't say the same for Smith's White Teeth, my audio book (it's just not grabbing me and it's sooooo long.... that's making me dread listening to it), so I took a break from it and listened to The Real Life of Sebastian Knight yesterday while I was at the gym.  That I am also enjoying.

I've got my sights (sight?) set on residency in three weeks.  UC Riverside sent the schedule this week and I went full nerd and input the entire thing into my Google calendar.  I'm so visual when it comes to knowing what I have to do.  I'm completely excited and also completely nervous about it.  That usually makes for good life experiences, right?  It helps that I'll be off from work (I've been saving my sick days!) to attend so there's not much teaching standing between me and Christmas, honestly.  It's a good thing, too.  I'm starting to feel burned out.

Roo's ninth (!) birthday is this week.  Am I seriously old enough to have a nine year old?  How did that happen?  I couldn't be more thankful for her, though.  As much as I really miss two year old Roo all dressed up in her princess dresses with little tiny blonde ponytails running around in pink, talking everyone's ear off, I sure love getting to know the sensitive and thoughtful sweetie she has become.

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