Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's Yer Birfday

We tease Roo because the woman who taught our birthing class when I was pregnant with her couldn't pronounce the word "birth." Each time she said "birf" E and I had a little giggle to ourselves.

After I picked the birthday girl and her bro up from school, we had a little froyo party.  Today was a big deal because they got to have three toppings each.  Yeesh.  The birthday girl had chocolate with chocolate syrup, brownie bits, and sour apple rings.  Mmm... (I won't tell you what her brother had... too gross.)


And then, just because she's our daughter, she requested Japanese food for her birthday meal. Atta girl.


Now that we're home, both monkeys are tearing into her new toys for the half an hour or so before they have to start getting ready for bed. Presents this year included some Littlest Pet Shop toys, a Nintendo DS game that controls this dog thingy (you can tell I am really well-versed in what that is) and a pair of silver glitter Toms, which she was way more excited about than I anticipated. E gets the Dad prize for trekking (with Auntie A) through the shoe department at Nordstrom to find the pair she asked for.

We've got two more days of school and then these guys are off for SIX weeks.  Yeesh again.  I have next week off with them and I can't wait.  Let the silliness begin.

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  1. Happy birthday Roo! Auntie was totally excited to take your dad into the shoe dept at Nordstrom...I'll take anyone there, really.