Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Is that peace I'm feeling, or a sugar high?

Tiny validation from Pinterest.

I can't tell if I'm feeling peaceful or overly tired or a little high on sugar.  Probably a little of each.  (I totally ate a Laffy Taffy right before I brushed my teeth.  I'm gross.)  I'm breaking my own rule for myself just by being awake now (it's 10:00 PM as I write this) but I feel like I can totally cheat on my own rules since I had a decent day.  How's that for crummy logic?  Go ahead and pave that road to Hell, P...

I managed early sleep last night after I'd set out everything I needed for today.  That meant I got up and went for a run at 5:00--my first one in three weeks--just a three-miler and a mile of walking.  That's the kind of run that would have made me say it's not worth it just a few months ago.  It's not worth it to even go run if I'm only going to do three, I'd tell myself.  But you see it's better than running negative 75 miles, which is what I've run in the last month.  My poor dailymile account.  It's deader than a Nevada ghost town.  So I'm trying.  I'm taking my clich√© little baby steps back toward not sucking.  So far so good.

Sleeping early means everything falls into place the next day... so if I go run I'm more likely to be awake and ready to work, and I mean really awake.  I got to work at a decent hour and I wasn't a slug so I had a better day teaching than I've had in the same lousy span of time.  After work we did Halloween prep and makeup and I got the monkeys all ready for their big night.


I'm going to go out on a completely unbiased limb here and say those are the two cutest kids, ever.   So my feeling about Halloween aside, it was (as all things are) totally worth it because my children enjoyed themselves.

So just in case I was feeling too proud of myself for totally being able to handle my own life for five minutes, I got a phone call at 3:20 because I forgot I had a parent conference today and the parent was standing there tapping his toes, waiting for me.  I was at home.  TOTAL FAIL.  Yeah, that's more like the PDawg we know.

And that's about it.  Life is good.  I'm totally still tired but I'm totally happy and I feel like since I got sleep, a run, and some reading today, everything was better.


  1. I needed that little reminder at the top. I "run" a very slow mile, but it IS still a mile. Also, I've been talked in to training for the Shamrockin' half! Who am I?

    And Yes, your kids are adorable!!

  2. Yay, you! Slow runners, unite! Maybe I should think about Shamrockin'. I need a new goal.

  3. You should! I'm going to be signing up for the next Fleet Feet group to train for it. The groups have been a huge help in getting past that 2 mile barrier I'd had for forever.