Saturday, November 05, 2011

I always watch Arrested Development while I hang up my clothes.

So, I only watch it about three times a year.

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But.  Every time I do, it cracks me up.  I just need to turn it on more often.

Part of the problem (not that you were asking, I know) is that to watch it I have to get on Netflix Instant on the PlayStation.  And usually when I want to watch something on it, it's either in the front room or it's in the bedroom but something needs to be hooked up.  Or it's all hooked up and I try to log on and it tells me I need to reboot the software.  So I do, and then I log on again and then it tells me I need to download an update to the entire Playstation.  So I do, and then I have to log in again.  And then it tells me I need to log in to the entire Playstation again.  So I do.  And then I have to log in to Netflix again and I realize that E has changed the password to some magical mystery code I do not know.

And then I have rage.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLAYSTATION.  Also, why doesn't your remote have an OFF button?  Because that's, like, the DUMBEST THING EVER.  Also, why do you use size 2 font for everything?  Be honest.  Are you trying to make me hate you?

I guess I've been having a lot of rage lately, or as E says, "a short fuse."  I guess school and my schedule are affecting me.  A smidge.


Anyhoo.  Usually somewhere between steps 1 and 75 I end up abandoning the whole idea in favor of watching reruns of Real Housewives.  And then I pass out five minutes into the first episode from my post-rage letdown.

So tonight was about like I describe above, only I hung in there (YEAH) and made it all the way to the menu (YESSSS) so I could start watching episodes 19-21 of Season 1 (HOORAY).  At this rate I'll finish the series before my 80th birthday.  I hope.

Anyway, this is not a post about A.D.  Okay, it sort of is, now.  But I got online so I could write about my laptop charger dying, and how Apple gave me a new one for free99.  And how I went to the mall and it was Crazytown, USA.  And how I bought some stuff at The Limited because A) I'm juggling several addictions right now, and their suits top the list, and B) everything was 40% off, even clearance stuff.  And finally how I cleaned my bedroom because I remembered I am not a troll nor any species with an evil lair and I better shape up a skosh before somebody condemns my house.  You know, I wanted to say how cool I am since I have my clothes on hangers, like a grownup.

Now all of that seems kind of secondary.

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  1. No off button on the PlayStation...I thought I was the only person who was completely confused/enraged by that oversight.