Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Things I am doing when I should be packing for New York and/or reading for school:

1. Writing this blog.

At least I'm doing laundry.  Well, I can't really claim that I'm doing anything.  I was but then E took over.

It's E who is in the know about all things laundry.  
Most of the time I shove it all in with a Shout Color Catcher and hope for the best.


I'm impatient to just go to New York.  I was all set on Sunday and then school (teaching school, not ME school--I need to hurry up and come up with a better name because if I'm not saying UC Riverside all the time everyone is getting confused) got really really crazy.  Oh wait, it was crazy last week too--I guess it just didn't stop being crazy when I needed it to.

It's fine, but I ended up with a bunch of little stuff to do and I want to have all my loose ends tied before I go.  I'd hate to come back in a week and have things be another week overdue.  I keep thinking I'll have some down time but I started two new units this week that are very labor-intensive and I have not had a moment to breathe.

The little stuff is stressing me out.

I couldn't stomach the idea of dragging the kids back to school with me today so I just have to hope I can get it all done tomorrow.

Did I mention the flight is a red-eye?  For someone who goes to bed at, oh, let's approximate and say 9:00 PM each night, things are about to get interesting.  You might want to think a good thought for my teenage charges since I'll have to, you know, talk to them and remain awake until close to midnight.  Lord help us all.

So I'm torn right now between more laundry/packing/starting to listen to Zadie Smith's White Teeth and just taking a long hot bath while I continue to read The Year of Magical Thinking.

I feel really guilty admitting to the world that this is my first venture into Didion's work, but I am so hooked that you have no idea.  I wish I'd been brave enough to venture into memoir before now.  School shouldn't be this awesome.  On a (slightly) related note, I have no idea what the frick I am going to write about this week when I have to jot down an 8-10 page autobiographical draft.  Sigh.

Two days and I'll be in New York.  Hurry up, Time.

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  1. I just want to say that school should definitely be that awesome! I'm always excited when I find someone else who loves what they are doing. I've found that the more classes I take in my major, the more I get excited about it and know that this is where I'm supposed to be (at least for right now).

    And, I haven't visited New York yet, so I'm really excited that you get to go and for your stories when you return! :)