Thursday, October 20, 2011

So far New York is kind of a bust.

Our red-eye was supposed to leave Sacramento last night at 11:40 PM.

Since we're traveling with high school kids, we had to be there about three hours early.  We got there and discovered our flight had been bumped back to 1:45 AM.  So.... we had about FIVE hours to kill in the Sacramento airport.

Okay, not so bad.

Eventually I just lay down on the floor, zipped my sweatshirt up and tried to get a little sleep before we left.  I think I managed about an hour.

We got on the flight pretty quickly but it was a turbulent one.  So, not much sleep then, either.  I figured I'd sleep when we got to the hotel.

We'd arranged early check-in and we were going to be two hours later than our scheduled arrival time, anyway.  We got to our hotel at noon instead of 10:00 AM.  We'd be fine, right?

Nope.  The hotel was overbooked and unprepared for the teeming hoards of high school Mock Trial teams.  We were told we'd have to wait until 4:00 PM to check in.


We busied ourselves with lunch and a lot more sitting around... 4:00 came.  Management told us "we have no idea when your rooms will be ready."

Every single other team that has arrived has been given their rooms already.  We're just sitting, sitting, sitting.  I am beyond tired.  I'm not even sure I want to go into Manhattan tonight because I'm so delirious.

Boo.  I'm not good when I haven't gotten any sleep.

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