Saturday, October 29, 2011

Here's what I like.


Just kidding.  I think Halloween is kind of dumb.  I'm just waiting for it to be over so we can do the real holidays.  You know, the ones where we get pie.  And honestly those are just to hold me over until it's summertime again.  I've had enough of Halloween.  And by "Halloween," I mean pictures of my former students in their underwear on The Facebooks.  I'm just in picture-ignore mode until about the end of next week.  Yeah, you're a really cute bumblebee or whatever.  You like your sparkly underpants and hooker shoes.  I get it, being skinny is fun.  Just remember the internet is forever.

I'm not mad about Halloween or anything (or bee-whores, for that matter), I'm just over it.  It's not my favorite.  I like my own kids getting all dressed up and I like driving them around to see family but I'm not really one for walking around in the dark on a school night.  I think that's going to be all E this year.

No, what I like is the fact that for the last two nights I've actually had a little fun.  I know, who would have ever guessed?

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Yesterday was Homecoming at my school and in between parade and game some of my favorite people had a little gathering to blow off some steam.  I realized it's been a while where we haven't really made time for fun and it was nice to get together and laugh.  Even the game was fun, although the extent of my football knowledge and sports fan enthusiasm is my love for the high school fight song.  No matter.  Homecoming is, like, totally a thing.

Tonight E and I went to see a company I used to dance with, but first we had a honest-to-God date with dinner and drinks (and dressing up!).  I swear it's been about four hundred and seventy five years since we went out. I looked at him at dinner tonight and realized we hadn't had a conversation since high school.  Or maybe since before I went to New York.  I could be exaggerating a bit.  But it felt like a long time, either way.  I really like him.  I'm glad we have the most generous babysitter ever--being able to go out is such a gift.

First day truly OFF tomorrow since 10/15! My plan?  To stay in PJs all day.  Oh, yeeeeeah.  All.  Frickin.  Day.

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  1. Love you Heather, who knew. So glad I am getting the opportunity to know you better.