Friday, September 16, 2011

Two days 'til marathon numero uno.

I hope!
I'm leaving tomorrow to drive down to San Jose for my first marathon ever (exclamation point!).  I bought my Gu after work today.  So what I should be doing right now is:

1) digging the running clothes out of the hamper
2) washing the running clothes
3) laying out all of my race clothing and shoes, accessories, etc.
4) planning what to pack for the night in SJ with Kel
5) gettting off my patoot

Instead of doing any of that, I had a beer and some sushi.  Well, first a lot of potato chips.  Then the beer-shi.  Then a bath.  Now I'm laying in bed like it's my job.  I'm pretty sure I ain't getting out of bed for the rest of the night, so... yeah.  Procrastination, thy name is PDawg.

I'm not leaving until noon tomorrow anyway.  That's pleeeeeeenty of time.

I keep forgetting (kinda) that the race is actually on Sunday and not tomorrow.  We usually do our long runs on Saturday, so Friday is always my don't-drink-go-to-bed-early-think-about-running-don't-eat-cheese night.  So in some way I feel compelled to hit the sheets before it gets dark.  The thing is, the race is on Sunday, in another town, and it's not until 7:30 AM.  If you've read any of my posts about our long run adventures, you know that's late.

So... yeah.

I should mention that I'm feeling really good about running the race.  I feel very much the same as I do when I am going to attempt a new distance.  Nothing unfamiliar here.  Yet.

I am going to just accept that I don't really know what to do with myself while I fill time until tomorrow.  I'm going to read and scan my DVR for awesomeness.  I might even do a little Google-surfing and Facebook-judging.  Who knows.  Come by my house, I'll judge you too.

No, don't.

I have papers to grade, but let's not go completely insane.  I'm not that bored.  As I left my classroom today I was thinking about how it's going to take me about the same amount of time to run the marathon as it is to grade four class sets of essays... and I'd totally rather run the marathon right now.  Score!

Before I go, here's a bit of cute... in keeping with my more-tortoise-than-hare theme for the race:



  1. I am sure I will say this again since the race isn't until Sunday - but good luck!!!

  2. Good luck on your race!

    And I love that picture of the cute!

  3. Good luck! I'm gonna be ya creeper and use you as my inspiration...I just ran my first 5K today. :D Perhaps a marathon will be in my future!