Saturday, September 17, 2011

Slow marathoning, explained to freshmen:

Ladies and gentlemen,
write the agenda.  We'll
start in one minute, okay?

Can I ask a question?


Why running? Why slow?
That's boring! And weird!

To them it's punishment, pain.

I don't run to win--quiet please,
Sir I'm waiting--I run to
beat my own best.

Don't you want to win though? What if
like one time they gave up?
or fell... and you won?

Well then--stop talking, young lady:
agenda!--I'll tell ya,
I wouldn't feel any more proud.

So you do want to win?

Not so much. I'm just proving
I didn't lose yet, that I can.

Lose what?

Never mind.

But not being first, being slow
that's still losing. Why would you still run
if you'd lose?

Hands, please--I win 'cause
they can't take this from me,
not ever, like college or kids.
What if we only ran races we'd win?
Should only one person try?

Hmm they say because this is a thought.
I remind them--agendas, friends.  We move on.

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